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Just a warning: there is full frontal nudity, close-up shots of naked vulvas, and non-bloody clips from labiaplasty surgery.

I think this is an important video for men and women of all ages to watch. I had always just assumed that the vast majority of women who posed naked were either selected based on a particular built-in amalgamation of genitalia or had had labiaplasty. In fact, labia minora are photoshopped out because labia minora are considered “obscene.”

What’s obscene is prescribing the perfect vulva. What’s obscene is deciding that women’s bodies must conform to a particular standard. What’s obscene is defining a woman by the appearance of her vulva.

I wish the doctor would stop saying “improving” the genitals with labiaplasty, because it’s not an improvement. It’s a surgical alteration. And it may help women feel more confident, but women should not feel as though their genitals are malformed in the first place. If labia minora do not cause pain or undue obstruction, then they are normal.

I hope you’ll watch this.

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