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Dear Google Adsense,

I understand that you just grab keywords. I understand that you base many of your ads on previous user search patterns. I understand that I may as well not have ads on this blog given the fact that I’ve made exactly $0.00 on ad revenue.

But, really, must you mock me so?

A blog about women’s issues rolls up ads on how to best nab a man. Is it satire? Is it a statement?

No, it’s just the state of things labeled “women” today.

Women are not searching for how language enables sexism or how to encourage egalitarian behavior in all areas of life. They’re searching for how to get a man or how to get rid of cellulite or whether or not labiaplasty is right for them.

And it’s not their fault. They’re not immersed in empowered language or attitudes. They’re not seeing ads about 10 Tips for Achieving an Egalitarian Society. They’re seeing ads of photoshopped girls and high-buck marketing for “physical enhancement” services. On every magazine cover and in every Google auto-complete, women are immersed in the socially accepted norm of what they should value.

And speaking as someone who has been working her very first full-time job for two months now, even the thought of analyzing my sociopolitical situation is exhausting. Women aren’t stupid and they aren’t lazy. They’re busy. I completely disappeared from the face of the internet when I was confronted with earning a living.

There’s something very broken about a status quo that endorses quick fixes and thoughtlessness. But me? I’m still too tired to make a cogent post. I’m writing this one on a sick day, and sick, I am. PMS is not a myth.

So instead of saying something profound or offering some kind of positive action, I’ll grump about Adsense and drink coffee and dream of a way to make a living wage doing something I care about. Women’s issues are people’s issues, after all.

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